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                4006 598 991


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                After many years of developments of BLK youth football club, the BLK FC have become a giant in Shanghai football industry. For now, we have more than 20 training pitches and more than 3000 students in the entire city of Shanghai. In other provinces, like Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jiangsu and so on, we have more than 10,000 students. And for sure the number of our players will be more year by year. This year our players have participated in Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL), Japan COPA MUJI Cup, and BLK FC Champions League. If your children are more than 3 years old, you are all

                Daily training (at least once a week)
                Technical: To make our student have fun and would like to continue play football;To make the feeling of both
                Tactics: understand winning or lost in football games.
                Physical: Improve flexibility and balance
                Psychological: produce interest in football activi

                U8 – U14:
                U7-U8: Improve the ability of controlling the ball with both feet, and know how to dribble and kick up in one or two feet.
                U9-U10: Improve passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting and heading. Learn basic defending abilities.
                U11-U12: Learning how to control the ball in different part of the body. Quick reaction in diverse types.
                U13-U14: to make each technical skills be better by repeating.

                Tactics: In view of the students of diverse ages, coach our student different tactics.
                Physical: improve flexibility and balance, especially, knee, ankle and hip joint.
                Psychological: with the development of age, make the psychological better and perfect

                Tactics: We teach tactics according to the age groups of our students.
                Physical: improve flexibility and balance, especially, knee, ankle and hip joint.
                Psychology: Develop the psychological approach to the game of football.

                We have been ready for coahing students from all over the world, if your children would like to jion us, please contact:
                Tel. : 4006-598-991
                Email: 2914453641@QQ.COM
                Wechat: BLKfootball
                We will arrange the first training class ASAP for every playe

                Many football coach job opportunities are fully provided for every foriegn football lovers, if you would like to be a youth football coach in BLK FC, please send you CV with cover letter to hr@blkfootball.com(E-mail) .
                Tel. : 4006-598-991